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Utah's Wilderness Areas

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Lynna Howard, Leland Howard (autographed!)
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“Our most moving (spiritually and literally) wildlife sighting was of a herd of wild horses. A black stallion with ropy muscles pushed his mares and one spindly colt into a run as they left the grasslands near the creek and headed up into the rocky hills. Their long tails and manes swept the tops of sagebrush and greasewood as they ran.” – p.264. Text by Lynna Howard and Photography by Leland Howard.

The Complete Guide is an extensive guidebook that helps hikers and backpackers of all skill levels explore the most beautiful places in Utah. Author Lynna Howard, along with her photographer/brother Leland, leads you on trails of all difficulty levels across the varied terrain of this scenic state. A guidebook in Westcliffe’s trademark style, the book is packed with over 100 full-color photographs, as well as detailed trail and overview maps and regional color-coding.

    Lynna Howard provides clear trail descriptions and other important information for each hike, such as where a hiker might find drinking water or a campground for the night. However, her text is also peppered with wry wit and poetic depictions, making the book not only instructive but an enjoyable read as well. Leland Howard’s vivid photographs provide examples of the beauty one might encounter in Utah’s most remote and breathtaking wilderness areas.

    Covering 99 designated and proposed wilderness areas, wilderness study areas, and instant study areas, the Howards have teamed up to create an invaluable tool for all those who wish to fully experience the splendor of Utah’s wild areas. From the High Uintas Wilderness in Northeast Utah to Ashdown Gorge Wilderness in the Southwest, this book leaves no wild part of Utah unexplored.