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Trails of Eastern Idaho

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Margaret Fuller, Jerry Painter (autographed!)
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This guide of Eastern Idaho includes a scramblers guide to Idaho's 12,000-foot peaks, 103 trails and routes in 19 mountain ranges and on the Snake River Plain.

“This dream team has produced no fluff. They have meticulously done their research and present the plain and accurate facts of Eastern Idaho trail and peak hiking. Here and there, trail descriptions are supplemented with tidbits of natural and social history. You can see Margaret Fuller’s influence here. Her longtime and passionate love affair with the Idaho outdoors has given her a sensitivity for natural history – a topic to which she has devoted two previous books. And you can also see Jerry Painter’s touch in the carefully drawn maps and the crisp, no-nonsense approach to trail descriptions that comes naturally from his years working as a journalist and editor of a trails newsletter.” – Ron Watters

This is a great resource for outdoor lovers looking for trails in eastern Idaho. Eastern Idaho is a landscape of variety. It includes black lava, grotesque granite towers, multicolored cliffs and unearthly turquoise water.