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Mission Improbable: How I Healed Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs

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Deborah Fryer
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Bipolar disorder, also known as the “suicide sickness,” is becoming more prevalent in the world at large. Everyone knows someone who is struggling with this, or some other disorder of the central nervous system, yet ingestion of psychotropic drugs is at an all-time high.

If medication for bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses really worked, why are so many people with this condition on disability and unable to function normally in the family and in society?

This book contains the true story of a woman who, after 25 years of mental illness, almost gave up. In researching nutrition and supplements, she found a solution to her condition, and she became a pioneer, along with thousands of others, of a new approach to treating bipolar disorder.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Deborah now calls Blackfoot home.