Change is the only constant

Posted by Aaron Atkinson on Apr 28th 2018

A new website for My Local Bookstore!

In February, our web technology provider suddenly shut down taking us off line in the process. It wasn't totally unexpected, but we were not given any advance warning of the actual disconnect. So here we are, courtesy of Big Commerce, and recreating everything pretty much from scratch. Fortunately, we have an inventory system that was independent from the website and didn't lose all our information.

If you've seen us area craft fairs and book sales, you know we have a great deal more than is currently on this new site. If you're looking for something you remember seeing, send us a note in the Contact form and we'll get in touch with you right away.

And we're looking to start a store front!

My Local Bookstore is in the beginning stages of seeking out retail space here in Idaho Falls. Of course we're looking for a location with good potential for walk-in traffic, such as downtown.

Do you have any recommendations or referrals? Send us a missive in the Contact page. The more information we have the better our decisions will be.

Also, if you would be interested in providing backing for this venture, we'd love to set up a time to talk with you about our plans.

Once we have a space, we intend to have an aggressive schedule of author and artist appearances. To get on that list, you guessed it, head over to the Contact page and send in your information.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. Let us know if you'd like to be a part of taking this local bookstore to the next level!