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BarJ CD Reflections

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Best of the Bar J Wranglers. Double CD

With more than forty songs, you're sure to find one of your favorites.

Song List:
Disc One:

  1. Cactus In Bloom
  2. Rose of San Antone
  3. Foolish Questions
  4. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo
  5. Teton Hoedown
  6. Hills of Old Wyoming
  7. Suddenly There's a Valley
  8. Cool Water
  9. Double Eagle
  10. America, I Believe
  11. Santa Fe Trail
  12. He Walks with the Wild and the Lonely
  13. Strawberry Roan
  14. Same Ol' Range
  15. I Still Do
  16. Colorado Trail
  17. Blue Shadows on the Trail
  18. Night Time in Nevada
  19. Ridin' Home
  20. Boots and Saddles
  21. Lone Prarie

Disc Two

  1. Ridin' Down the Canyon
  2. Utah Trail
  3. Twilight on the Trail
  4. Streets of Laredo
  5. Ghost Riders in the Sky
  6. Cowboy's Dream
  7. Listen to the Mockingbird
  8. Gold Mine in the Sky
  9. The Old Chisholm Trail
  10. Little Joe, The Wrangler
  11. When the Works All Done This Fall
  12. I Ride an Old Paint
  13. Cattle Call
  14. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds
  15. Teardrops in My Heart
  16. The Last Roundup
  17. Happy Rovin' Cowboy
  18. Red River Valley
  19. That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine
  20. Don't Fence Me In
  21. Back in the Saddle Again