BarJ CD Our Best To You

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Time flies by faster each year, and we are amazed to be celebrating our 40th anniversary. In the hustle and bustle of this modern world, we have taken the time to create a musical “thank you” for 40 years of support, encouragement and fun. Each song is carefully chosen, each note harmonized and each wrangler represented so that this album truly offers our best to you.

Song list:

  1. Cimarron Roll On
  2. Seein' My Father in Me
  3. Old Shep
  4. Jerusalem Ridge
  5. Bottom of the Mountain
  6. I Wish I Was 18 Again
  7. Thank God I'm a Country Boy
  8. El Paso
  9. Night Rider's Lament
  10. That's Why I'll Never Want to Be Anything But a Cowboy
  11. Just a Common Soldier
  12. Blackjack
  13. Lillies Grow High
  14. Fiddlin' Joe
  15. I've Been Everywhere
  16. Our Best To You